what + why

This is a project I’ve been thinking about for a while: one year – one lens – one camera.

I had a crack at a 365 project when I first bought a ‘serious’ camera. Lack of any driving theme or focus and a beginners desire to shoot all and everything didn’t  lend the project much artistic merit, but I still look back on that year as a kind of creative bedrock.

I almost tried again a few years ago with the release of the Fujifilm X100, picking one up out of pure design lust. Frustration with FW1.0 ended that tale but the idea wouldn’t fade: what would it be like to reduce everything to it’s bones? One simple, high-quality camera, with nothing else; no flash, no interchangeable lenses, no zooms or macros or high-speed primes.

Welcome to 365 days with the Ricoh GR. Just this, shooting what I see.


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